Serbian Society of Mechanics

Serbian Society of Mechanics  is voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit,
professional scientific, interest, occupational, non-party organization of
science and expert workers in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics, based on freedom of association and open for cooperation with other professional scientific, economic and other organizations, on the basis of mutual appreciation, respect and work independence, organized to achieve common and general interest and goals.

Goals and Objectives

-to gather and associate science and expert workers engaged in theoretical and applied mechanics, with a goal of encouraging development and improvement of theoretical and applied mechanics, as scientific discipline,
-to help members of SSM in the field of scientific and professional development,
-to take care of raising young researchers and scientists,
-to enable members of SSM to work on researches and studies in certain fields of mechanics, and, to that end, to collaborate with corresponding institutions,
-to publish, encourage and facilitate publication of scientific books, journals and other publications,
-to develop all forms of good mutual cooperation with Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Engineers,